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lgbtLove is the main motive of many, many books, film, songs, paintings... But most of those works concern to “traditional” love between a man and a woman. Today I would like to present you some books and movies about another love: between a man and a man or between a woman and a woman.


Sarah Water, Fingersmith + movie from 2005

Fingersmith is not a romance, is a crime story from Britain in Victorian Era. It tells us about Susan Trinder and Maud Lilly. First of them is a little thief who plans to defraud Maud – niece of rich, old man. But she also falls victim to more complicated fraud and discovers she was only a pawn. She decide to regain her life and effects of that decision are very surprising. It is interesting story about the lower orders in London, about difficult choices and about the birth of the love.

Christopher Isherwood, A single man + movie form 2009

single manThat beautiful book shows us different picture of love. We look at a mourning after George’s partner, Jim. In Tom Ford’s movie we can see Colin Firth as George – and he is amazing in that role. There are few differences between the book and the movie but these two works are touching and simply beautiful, despite the story is so sad.

Annie Proulx, Brokeback Mountain + movie from 2005

Brokeback MountainA short story tells us about two young man from farmers area in Wyoming, USA. Ennis and Jack meet each other during seasonal work and fall in love. This love is for them tragic. The society is not ready to accept them and feeling between them – and that’s the main tragedy. Author, Annie Proulx, says she want to write story about homophobia.