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straming servicesWe live in Netflix and HBO era: we have many, many TV series which we can watch every time. We can choose – there are fantasy, crime, costume, romance or dark series. Today I would like to recommend you three TV series with strong female characters.

So, let’s begin out list:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Phryne Fisher

This Australian production is an adorable crime story. Main character, Phryne Fisher returns to Melbourne after IWW and begin to solve crime despite Jack Robinson’s protest. He is police detective and don’t believe woman can help him. But Phryne knows perfectly her value. She has a knowledge, intuition and courage. She’s really perfect!

Godless: all women from La Belle

I always thought I hate western but this one completely charmed me. Wikipedia and other portal says that the main theme is the history about Frank Griffin and his gang. In my opinion – it is not true. The main theme is La Belle – a small town on Wild West. For reason of accident in local mine and death of almost all men, in La Belle live only women with children and few old men. Those women need to handle with dangerous life on Wild West – they fight with gangs, bankers and climate. And they must be very strong.

The Bletchley Circle: Susan, Millie, Lucy, Jean and Alice

The Bletchley CircleDuring the IIWW Susan, Millie, Lucy, Jean and Alice worked in top secret Bletchley Circle to decipher military codes. Now – they can’t talk about that and must pretend “ordinary” women. But they are very, very clever and want to do something important. Ordinary female roles are not for them – not after their experience. So four women (Alice shows in second season) stat to solve a big crime mystery.