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conventionLast month I spent my time on the biggest European fan convention – Pyrkon in Poznan, Poland. It was an incredible event! A lot of people (circa 50.000), who belongs to fandom and are interesting to similar themes.

But in turn. I think at the beginning I must explain some words. What is fandom? The fandom is some kind of fantasy society. It is a big group of people, who are interesting in fantasy literature and films, comics, anime and other fantasy stuff. They also meet regularly on conventions (or convents).
So, we have second notion: fan convention. Fan convents are organised once a year. The meetings are completely different. For example: Comiket counts about 590.00 people and in Poland we can find small events like Nyskon or Opolcon, where we can count about 500 people. On convents the fandom members prepare lectures for other participants. Participants can also meet with writers, producers and other fantasy artist. The important part of convents is also cosplay competition.
wolverineBut what is cosplay? Cosplayers say it is kind of arts. They make with their own hands some costumes which are known from movies, comics or games. For example: my friend’s sister transforms into Belle form Beauty and the Beast and her boyfriend look like Wolverine from X-Man. Jurors appraise the costume’s accurateness and the presentation.
Fan conventions are colourful and beautiful events. People wear incredible clothing, they also are very helpful and nice to each other. There is possibility to talk about interests, listen to fascinating lectures and buy some fantastic stuff.